-We are one of the busiest Estate Companies in the State of Florida.

-We are Licensed in the State of Florida.

-We are certified to due appraisals.

-We are Licensed in State of Florida for Auto dealership. We can do all the    paperwork associated with auto transactions.

-We have and FFL license in Florida to legally sell firearms.

-We hold an Accord Certificate of General Liability of one million dollars for the homes and businesses we work in.

-We carry a separate Accord Certificate of General Liability for Vehicle's.

-We pay Sales tax to the State of Florida.

-We do not have a store. We do not have a store on purpose. Some companies will raise the price of your items in your estate sale and all the items that do not sell, they will take those items to their store or place of business and resell them and keep the money. This is a major conflict of interest. They say they will clear the house for you and they keep all the items. Stay away from any company that has a thrift store or any outlet to sell.


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