Estate Sales/Appraisals/On Line Auctions/Consignments

 Free Consultation

Our process begins with a free consultation in your home to review our services and evaluate what you want to sell at an estate sale. Estate sales of Central Florida professionals will assist you every step of the way and advise you on what is truly fit for sale. Whether you need an estate sale, on-line auction, appraisal or consignment, we will help.

 Marketing & Promotions

Together we establish a date for your sale and take hundreds of professional photos to begin our online advertising campaigns. Our extensive research of your more unique and valuable pieces helps us get your items sold and at the best possible prices. We take real data from websites and follow current market trends, and use it to move items at the best price.

We market to our extensive customer base to ensure a successful turnout. We’re able to reach more potential buyers for our clients than they could ever do themselves. We own our customer base and don’t rely solely on third-party companies to drive buyers to our sales. We have a multi-faceted marketing approach to ensure we reach the right people at the right time. Our marketing is focused on our target audience of families, new homeowners, potential homeowners, savvy shoppers and collectors looking for unique items. We work hard to find buyers in every niche possible.

 Professional Staging

We transform your home into a high-end retail experience. While we have many great services, we are especially proud of our staging and pricing skills. As one of the most effective ways to promote a sale, our estate sale teams understand staging and making the environment conducive to a sale whether your home is big or small, old or new, metropolitan or rural. Our teams then price and tag every item in the sale at fair market value. This fair market value is determined from our past sales, the condition, age, and original price of the items, as well as market trends, internet comps, and the regional marketplace.

 Expertly Run Sale

Our estate sale companies effectively manage the sale of your or your loved one’s estate. Estate Sales of Central Florida staffs and hosts your sale, provides tables and display racks, prepares staging areas, promotes expensive items, advertises your sale. Our sales are conducted on site over two days unless more time is needed. Clients can expect payment 7-10 business days after the close of the sale.


Our pricing is simple, it is based on a percentage of the sale. We come to your home and do a free consultation with you for an accurate quote. There are no up front fees. We pay for all the advertising, permits, insurance and all the other fees for your sale.


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